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Son, Grand Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, Confident, Animal Lover, Philanthropist, Social Visioner, Enthusiastic Marketer and Fervent Traveler.

Carlos Machado is a Student, a Marketer, a Spanish Teacher and a World Traveler. He has always had the dream to visit every place on earth; to learn from every different culture; to share his experiences with others; to help everyone; to rescue animals in danger; to give everyone a reason to live with happiness. 


He studied the Bachelor Degree in Marketing at TecMilenio University in Guadalajara Mexico; then studied Sociology at University of Guadalajara and he's currently studying the Master Degree in Education at TecMilenio University and a Post-Degree in Professional Communication at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, Canada to fulfill one of his biggest dreams of teaching and promoting Spanish among foreigners in Mexico. He is a World Record Holder of the "Biggest Mind Map" in the World together with great, supportive and professional colleagues, and Mind Mapper Certified. He is from Guadalajara, Mexico and based in Vancouver, Canada; however, he considers himself as a World Citizen. 

MachadoK. is a little bit of me, or perhaps a lot! It is my background, my values, my dreams and my feelings... It is the means by which I share my motivations, experiences and follies with all of you; an immeasurable desire to make you part of my life, of my history. 


Let's write together the Story of my Life!!


Bachelor in Marketing

Bachelor in Marketing at TecMilenio University in Guadalajara, Mexico. TecMilenio has been recognized by its high quality of education and practices both in Academic and the Professional realms. 

Studies in Sociology

Studies in Sociology during 2 years, being able to mix both business matters, as well as social sciences in the professional practices. Understanding of the real needs and behavior of societies not just as consumers, but also as human beings.

Master of Arts in Education

Currently studying the Master of Arts in Education that gives the necessary tools to develop the best strategies for every single individual, by focusing on the learning process in order to help people to maximize their own strengths

Professional Communication Post-Degree

Currently studying the Professional Communication Post-Degree Diploma at Douglas College in Metro Vancouver. Development of the fundamental tools and practices to offer the best quality work in the Communication Sphere. Design and implementation of Marketing and Communications campaigns and strategies to develop your business as well as your persona.

E x p r e s s o   D o b l e

Owner and Radio Reporter of “Expresso Doble RadioWeb” since January 2016, identifying and researching news stories as well as discovering artistic talents and presenting them on air to a wide range of different audiences.


World Record 2011

Insignia del primer premio

Holder of the World Record

“Biggest MindMap in the World”


 Developed at TecMilenio University and

certified by Buzan Organisation and the Ministry of Culture of the State in 2011.

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